Home Education Funding


As we discussed in “Notification”, parents may register their child or children as home schooling students with thee by officially notifying thee of their intent to do so. Parents may make this official notification between the dates of April 1st and September 30th of a given year. As also mentioned previously, the province of Alberta provides home education funding to each registered home school student, and this funding is distributed and accounted for via an associate school board or an associate private school. For the 2017-18 school year, the funding amount is $1,670.81, half of which (approx. $836.00) must go to the home educated student. Families who join THEE after the September 30th deadline can certainly do so, but they will not receive the provincially-provided funding. You must renew your notification of your intent to home school by re-registering your child or children with thee for each new school year; the previous year’s notification expires at the end of that particular school year. Students may only be registered with one board at one time. Please call us immediately if your plans change before the last school day of September. The government grant (your home education funds) for home education is intended to defray the costs that parents will incur when they purchase learning materials or services (e.g. textbooks, tutoring, etc.) for their home learning program.

Parents are able to access their home education funding through direct billing (i.e. purchase order numbers) and/or reimbursement for receipts submitted for the current year once their child’s Program Plan is in place. The Program Plan is your roadmap for the how-when-where-why of your home-based instruction, and in order to get reimbursed for your purchases of home learning materials or services, you must be sure that the materials support your program plans. For reimbursements, The Home Education Exchange may not issue home education funds to the parent(s) without first having received copies of the receipts for the materials and/or services. To do otherwise would force Revenue Canada to consider the amount that you received from your home education funding to be taxable income. Direct billing is available upon request (see “How It Works/Funding” for a list of vendors and suppliers). Call The Home Education Exchange      (1-780-467-5511) for a Purchase Order number for each supplier per purchase.

How to Get a Purchase Order Number

The supplier will in turn bill us, and we will pay the bill on your behalf. Direct billing for the first half of your home education funding for the upcoming school year can take place as early as July 15th, upon your sending to THEE’s office your child’s Notification Form and completed Education Program Plan for the upcoming school year. The funding is available for any learning resources related to the home education program. For the official word on what the province defines as a reimbursable home schooling expense, see the “Funding” section in the “Home Education Regulations”, article (8) (5) (a) & (b).

To have early access to your home education funding (if you are will be homeschooling with THEE in the upcoming school year) and to use the direct billing service (i.e. Purchase Order Numbers) and avoid paying for your home learning materials “out of pocket”, just download the “Early Purchase Agreement form” by clicking on the button below.

Download the Early Purchase Agreement form (.pdf)

To see a list of vendors who currently accept Purchase Orders from THEE, download the “Vendors’ List” by clicking the graphic shown below:

Download the Vendors’ List (.pdf)

If you do not want to use the “direct billing” service, then you can purchase your home schooling materials with your own “out of pocket” money, and you can then send the receipt(s) from the purchase(s) of the home school materials to thee to receive a reimbursement payment that comes from your son or daughter’s “Home School Grant” funds. Along with the receipt or a copy of your receipt, you will need to include a completed “Reimbursement Form” which shows each resource that you bought along with its price. To download this “Reimbursement Form”, just click on the link shown below:

Download Reimbursement Form (.pdf)

This form enables you to either
1. print the form and hand-write your information onto the form, or
2. type your information directly into the PDF document, save the document, and then print it. Best practice is to “Save as” the file before you begin to enter your information into the document.


For Tutoring and Group Lessons

If you want to use your home education funding to pay for tutoring and/or group lesson, please use the following form to provide us with the needed information that Alberta Education is now requiring.  Please include this completed form with your “Reimbursement Form” that you will send to us with your other receipts. You can type your information directly into this form and then print the form; you’ll still need to sign it and have the tutor/instructor sign the form.

Download the Tutorial or Group Lesson Reimbursement Form (.pdf)


Home Education Funding is not transferable between boards or schools. 

According to the Alberta Education Home Education Regulations, all home learning resources that the parent purchase and receive reimbursement for are the property of the school administration to dispose of as the board sees fit; however, our official and written policy here is to enable the parents of the student for whom these resources were purchased to keep these resources. In other words, you get to keep your own stuff!