High School Programs

What about High School? (and university or college?)

The Home Education Exchange has been, and continues to be, successful in working with students at the high school levels and helping to prepare them for post-secondary education, whether that be at college, universities, or technical schools. We at thee have had the pleasure of seeing many of our high school graduates pursue their goals and dreams, which, for many, begin by gaining admission to the academic or vocational program of their choice.

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Students who will be home schooling through the high school grades (grades 10-12) have the following 4 routes from which to choose for the purpose of preparing to enter an academic or vocational/technical training program:

  1. Traditional Parent-led Home Schooling (learn more >)
  2. The Alberta Diploma Route (learn more >)
  3. The Individual Course/Credit Route (learn more >)

An overview of each of these routes is provided through the above “Learn more” links. We encourage the student to give serious thought, together with his/her parent(s), to the route that he/she will choose, keeping in mind that the chosen route should lead the student to achieving the academic or skills preparation that will be required by his/her future goals, interests, and planned-pursuits for post-secondary education.

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For more information on home schooling through the high school levels, and preparing to enter a post-secondary institution, contact our high school co-ordinator, Mrs. Natasha Hicks, at 1-780-467-5511 or toll-free at 1-877-467-5510. You may also contact her through our email form.