thee Home School Programs

At thee, we believe that the parents have the ultimate and absolute right and responsibility to determine the education methods, resources, choices, and options that best suit their own children. We also believe that thee’s primary purpose is to support the parents in the choices that they have made for their children’s education. We would never presume to know what is best for some one else’s child or family, and we therefore purpose to present to our home schooling families all of the available options and commit to then support the parents’ decisions.

At thee, parents are in control of all of the decisions concerning the education of their own children, and we are honored to be able to assist our home schooling families in their achievement of their chosen goals.

Home schoolers can sometimes feel isolated and alone, and we at thee want you to know that you are NOT alone in your efforts and commitment to home educate your children. Just as the Lone Ranger had Tonto, Batman had Robin, Priscilla had Aquila, and Holmes had Watson, you have a partner in thee to support your family in your journey to home educate.

We have developed a listing of tutors who can help you and your children reach the academic goals that you’ve set for your TRADITIONAL HOME EDUCATION program.  We call this tutorial listing, “Traditional Tutoring”, or T2 for short. We do not operate a tutoring program directly; we are acting as a “match maker” to connect you to tutors so that you can more easily find a tutor for a variety of topics, subjects, and courses.

Disclaimer: We are not specifically nor officially endorsing any tutor or tutoring service, but we are listing these tutors so that you can have a starting point in your effort to locate the tutor that is the best fit for what you need.

Traditional Tutoring Program: T2

High School…the final frontier. Go boldly where few home schoolers have gone before! The thought of home educating your children through grade 12 can seem like a Herculean task, and it can be if you are doing it alone. Let thee help you navigate through the many challenges, options, and choices that you will have for your young scholars as they prepare for and enter into the high school years.

With so many resources and supports for home schoolers, you can successfully lead and guide your children through high school, and we at thee can help you assess and access such resources as private tutors, home school co-ops, independent study courses, video-based courses, correspondence courses, traditional “taught my mom-or-dad” courses, and many more.