Home Education Schooling and Private Schools FYI

AISCA video supports Home Education SchoolingThis video from the Association of Independent Schools & Colleges in Alberta illustrates how private schools helps save taxpayer money. Private Schools and Home Education Schooling meet the needs of students, support parental choice, are part of a great system of education in Alberta while also meeting stringent accountability requirements and serve the public good.

In brief, the video explains some common misconceptions about Private schools which include your option to choose Home Schooling with the full support of THEE. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Do private schools take money from the system? In short, the answer is No. Tax money is used to make sure all students in Alberta get a good education.
  • The Alberta Government takes a certain amount of funds from the public purse ($13,000 for Public and $5,000 for Private).
  • Private Schools which includes Home Education Schooling saves the public quite a bit of money.
  • How much money? Over the last 5 years, private and Home Education Schooling choices by parents have saved $750,000,000. Yes, that is 750 million!
  • Parents like you are also responsible for paying a portion of the tuition and helping to fundraise.
  • These Schools need to be efficient and be selective in what they offer.
  • Communities help support the families that choose these schools.
  • Private Schools offer choices that include a special focus on learning needs, take a different teaching approach, include specific world views, or offer specific academic, athletic, or other educational focus.
  • These schools are required to teach the Alberta Curriculum by Alberta Government certified teachers.
  • They have to be in compliance and supply financial audits, 3-year plans, annual educational result reports, and health and fire inspections
  • All Private Schools include Homeschooling are monitored by onsite visits and surveys sent to the users of these alternative education systems.
  • Results are that these choices are safe and caring, support parent involvement, and prepare students to be citizens.
  • They are always working to be better.
  • Private Schools serve the Public good.


With Private Schools which include Homeschooling, you have never had so many choices for preparing your kids for the future!