The Education Program Plan (aka “Program Plan”)

The Program Plan is an official and required document that each home educating parent needs to establish for each of his/her child whom the parent is home educating. Parents may create the required Program Plan with or without the help of their respective home education facilitator. If you want to consult your home education facilitator for guidance, suggestions, ideas, or assistance of any kind to complete your Program Plan, please feel free to do so! We are here to help!!!

Ready-Made Templates for You to Use

1. EASIEST and QUICKEST TO USE: A Word or PDF document that contains all of the required categories and a drop-down list of choices for each category. Please email your completed Program Plan to your facilitator

download-iconDownload the template as a custom-made Word document.

download-iconDownload the template as a custom-made PDF document. Click in the “white space” under each category if you do not see the lines of choices in that category so that the lines of choices will appear.


2. “Old School” and TIME INTENSIVE: template that contains the required category headings and sections into which you will either keyboard-enter (Word version) or hand-write (Word or PDF versions) your choices. E-mail or mail your completed Program Plan to THEE’s office.


Download the template as a Word Document or as a PDF Document.


Additional Information about the Program Plan Shown Below


Please complete your Program Plan at the time when you are completing the Notification Form for the upcoming school year.

According to “Part D” (see below) of the home education Notification Form (aka “registration form”), Alberta Education expects the home educating parent to provide a completed Program Plan to the school authority at the same time that the parent provides to the school authority the signed Notification Form for each home educating student. If you have already completed the Notification Form for your home educating student and sent it to thee, please complete your Program Plan as soon as possible but before the school year begins (if possible and if applicable to your situation) and mail or email it to your facilitator. For a list of facilitators and their respective email addresses, please click here.

part D

Please know that you can change and revise your Program Plan at any time during the school year, so the Program Plan that you initially create is not “etched in stone” for the school year. You can also discuss the details of your Program Plan with your facilitator at any time during the school year.