Funding: Approved Reimbursements


Policy for Reimbursing Home Education Purchases

Please download the following document to see a list of which learning resources are and are not eligible for reimbursement.
Current List of Eligible/Ineligible learning resources

If you want to read the official 2nd version of the “Standards” document, you can download

  1. the “Standards” (version 2) document
  2. the summary of significant changes

Additional Information

According to the rules set by Alberta Education and recorded in the Home Education Regulation regarding how a home educating parent may use the home education funds for each home educating student, the parent must

  1. use the funding only to defray the costs incurred by the parent for programs of study, instructional materials, or other resources related to the home education program
  2. provide the home education program with receipts showing how the parent(s) spent the funding

And the parent may not

  1. use the funding to pay him/herself for providing the home education instruction, management, or supervision
  2. use the funding to pay for travel costs or other expenses usually required to be paid by a parent of a student who is enrolled in a school

The 2nd version of the “Standards” document from Alberta Education

The new “Standards” document, which is a policy document intended to “clarify” the above cited information from the regulation, contains the most current new and additional restrictions on how home educating parents may use their home education funding,

I continue to see that these restrictions are problematic.   While this 2nd version of the “Standards” document is an improvement from the initial version, the restrictions continue to be inconsistent with the document’s own rationale/logic and with the Home Education Regulation. This 2nd version of “The Standards” is a document whose restrictions and prescriptions as to what a parent can receive reimbursement for has grown by 33% when compared to the 1st version of the document.

For those who want the details, please download my presentation and supporting documentation:

Document 1

Document 2

Document 3

Document 4