Home Education Resources


We’ve listed for you many resources that you can use within your home learning environment:

Traditional Home Education Resources


  • Reading & Reading Comprehension (Red Deer Area)
  1. Sound Connection Centres (http://www.soundconnectionscentres.com)
  1. Psychological
  2. Speech and Language
  3. Occupational Therapy
  4. Educational
  5. Talent
  • Interest and Skill assessment
  1. Strong Vocational Interest Bank
  2. Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory
  3. Campbell Interest and Skills Survey (CISS)
  1. For info about this survey: http://psychcorp.pearsonassessments.com/HAIWEB/Cultures/en-us/Productdetail.htm?Pid=PAg115
  2. To complete the CISS survey:Send an email to me at brett @ thee.ca to tell me that you want your son or daughter to complete this survey, and I will then snail-mail to you the forms. You will then snail mail back to me the completed survey forms which I will use to “score”/assess the responses and answers. I will then mail or email to you the results of the assessment.Cost for CISS assessment: $150.00
  1. Kuder Occupational Interest Survey
  2. Alberta Government: Career Planning & Assessmenthttp://careerinsite.alberta.ca/careerinsite.aspx


  • Diagnostic screening (www.autismcanada.org) [link not working at this time]


Book Stores

  • In Alberta
  • On the Web

Choir (see “Music”)

Classical Education (see “Curriculum” and “Methods”)

College and Career

Community Resources


Computer: Basic to Advanced (through distance learning and mentor-guided instruction)

Counseling (Youth) & Treatment Programs


  • Basics for the Young Learner
  • Fact Monster – Online Almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, and homework help.
  • Rudiments of Wisdom – This site features a Cartoon Encyclopedia great for younger students!
  • Starfall – Free reading and phonics games
  • Buy and/or Sell Curriculum (see “Consignment” below)
  • Classical Education
  • Classical Reading Lists
  • Creation Science
  • Answers in Genesis
  • Consignment Stores (that sell curriculum)
  • English
  • Full Program (“a one-stop shop”)
  • The Ron Paul Curriculum (videos and PDF documents…no textbooks…about US$500.00 for a full grade level program)
  • Geography
  • Grammar
  • History
  • Language Arts
  • Languages
  • Leadership


  • Lesson Ideas
  • Literature
  • Great Books/Reading lists
  • Math
  1. Dive into Math (supplement to Saxon math textbooks)
  2. Khan Academy (free web-based video tutorials)
  3. Mathletics
  4. Saxon
  5. Saxon math video tutorials on DVD
  6. Math-U-See
  7. Singapore Math
  8. Teaching Textbooks
  9. Business Math: Your Business Math Series for Gr 3 to 6
  10. Living Math
  11. Web-based learning activities: Teaching Math With Money
  12. Life of Fred Math
  13. CTCMath (online and video-based/multi-media instruction)
  • Montessori
  • Phonics
  • Publishers
  • Reading Skills
  • Reviews and Critiques
  • Science
  • Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • General
  • Spelling
  • Study Skills
  • Unit Studies
  • Delight-Driven Unit Studies
  • Writing


  • Worldview

Diagnostic Assessments

Diploma-making software

Dyslexia (see “Learning Disabilities”)

English (see “Curriculum”)


Irlen Syndrome (see “Learning Disabilities”)


  • 100 ideas for topics

Language Arts (see “Curriculum”)

Learning Disabilities

  • Education Therapy
  • Dyslexia
  • Irlen Specialists
  • Lilyane Bienert, B.R.E., B.Ed., Educational Therapist, Certified Irlen Screener
  • Judy Pool, MEd, Reading Specialist-Irlen Centre Director
  • Nola Stigings, Certified Irlen Diagnostician, Innisfail AB
  • New View Learning resolves the root causes of dyslexia and associated learning disabilities including reading, ADD, math, and handwriting. Clients learn through individualized one-on-one 5-day programs. The program provides clients with the tools needed to succeed in school. Click here to download info sheet.
  • Rights of parents of special needs children
  • Legal


  • The Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA Canada)

HSLDA’s mission is to enable, to empower, and to protect Canadian homeschooling families. Our name indicates our unique and primary role: we are our members’ defence and assurance in any legal matters that might impact their ability and right to homeschool. We are actively involved in provincial, federal, and international politics to ensure that Canadians’ constitutional freedoms to homeschool are not limited or jeopardized. However, what many people do not realize is that our members experience many other benefits as well. HSLDA is committed not only to defending your freedom to homeschool, but also to lightening your load as you homeschool. Our expert staff, our member site, our social media sites, and our regular emails are full of insight, resources, and answers to help our members in their homeschool journey. Take some time to look around our website and to discover all the services we offer! From preschool to high school graduation to entering the postsecondary realm, HSLDA has the knowledge and help that you need to homeschool well. You do not need to wait for a crisis: you can contact our office anytime with questions you may have. Why not become a member today? HSLDA: the partner in your homeschooling success!

To join HSLDA, visit our Web site at www.hslda.ca
You may also contact our office by phone at 519.913.0318 or by email at info@hslda.ca

Geography (see “Curriculum”)

Grammar (see “Curriculum”)

History (see “Curriculum”)

Martial Arts

Math (see “Curriculum”)


  • Classical
  • Traditional
  • Religious
  • Secular
  • “School at Home”
  • Online learning
  • Correspondence learning
  • Unschooling
  • Unit Studies
  • Montessori


  • Choir
  • Camps (summer)
  • Programs in Alberta for Home Schoolers
  • Tutors (see “Tutoring”)
  • Instruments: historical instruments: ocarinas, lyres, heather harps, and lutes.  Hand-made here in Alberta by a former home ed student!  For more information, check out his Facebook page for his business, Waking Minstrel, at https://www.facebook.co/WakingMinstrel/



  • Book Resources


Home Ed Organizers and Daily Planning Resources


Youth Conferences … “Encounters with Canada” (https://www.ewc-rdc.ca/pub/)

Public Speaking

Reading (see “Curriculum”)

Science (see “Curriculum”)

Skiing (Snow)

  • Edmonton area
  • The Edmonton Ski Club is a community ski hill located in the heart of Edmonton. The Edmonton Ski Club supports families and invites the home school community to take advantage of their services. By offering lessons for all ages, affordable prices, and flexible programming, they are able to meet the specific needs of each home school family, group, or individual.For more information on programs and bookings contact Michele George at esc.michele@gmail.com or visit EdmontonSkiClub.com.

Special Education (see “Learning Disabilities”)

Study Skills (see “Curriculum”)


  • From HSLD
  • Create your own


Unit Studies (see “Curriculum” and “Methods”)

Worldview (see “Curriculum”)