T2: Traditional Tutoring

Traditional Tutoring will support home schooling students who are studying subjects and interest areas that are self and/or parent-directed. Such subjects and interest areas could include creative writing, math courses from Saxon Math, science classes from Apologia Science, college & career planning courses, and Bible and Christian Worldview studies.

With our “Traditional Tutoring” program, students can choose from among a wide variety of topics and options to help them in their self-determined studies. Students have access to both onsite and online tutoring opportunities.

With Traditional Tutoring, you get…

  • a tutor who will meet with you to help the you with specific topics and/or subjects
  • tutoring that is not necessarily course-driven but that can be topic-driven or “just in time”
  • tutoring that can be related to your personally chosen subject or to Alberta curriculum
  • a tutor who can meet with you online or onsite
  • tutoring that you can pay for by the hour or per a set number of tutoring sessions