Traditional Home Schooling

Traditional home schooling, which is parent-directed and parent-led, forms the foundation of thee. The traditional home schooling approach sees the mom and/or dad being “the teacher” and “the principal” of the home-based learning program, and as such, the parent(s) are in full control of choosing the how, when, why, and where of the home learning of their son and/or daughter. Traditional home school offers the most flexibility and autonomy of all of the methods or approaches for home learning, and it also requires the most planning and instructional time from mom and/or dad since mom and/or dad are both “teacher” and “principal”. THEE has over 20 years of experience supporting traditional home schoolers, and we look forward to supporting you and your family in this approach!

Some post-secondary institutions here in Alberta are willing to accept home-education students without diplomas or credits, simply on the strength of a portfolio review of their high-school studies. Generally these institutions are looking for a demonstration that the student is proficient at reading and writing at a college level. Probationary enrollment may be a first step.

Challenge exams: home schoolers at thee may write a challenge exam for any of the core courses in grades 10-12 to try to earn Alberta Education credit for a course that they did not formally study through an official Alberta Education program. By earning formal Alberta Education credits by means of challenge exams, our home schoolers can continue to choose which curriculum resources they use in their academic preparation (e.g. Math-U-See, Singapore Math, Saxon Math, Apologia Science, A Beka, Sonlight, etc.).

For questions about a high school program based on the traditional home schooling approach, please contact thee’s high school co-ordinator at 1-780-467-5511.