What is thee?

The Home Education Exchange (thee) is a non-denominational Christian organization based in Alberta, Canada, that exists to support and enrich the educational efforts of families that are exercising their God given responsibility to educate their children for life and eternity. We have been serving families in Alberta and beyond since 1992. Officially, thee administers the home education program of the private school authority of the Morinville Christian School, and our home education program enables parents to homeschool their child or children with us regardless of where they live here in Alberta. While our home school program is part of a non-denominational Christian school, we welcome and serve families from a host of differing backgrounds.


The Home Education Exchange consists of a team familiar and experienced in home schooling. Our support personnel include:

  • Special Education Consultants
  • Reading Specialists
  • Program Director
  • Curriculum Consultants
  • High School Coordinator

What We Do

The Home Education Exchange encourages you to pursue the educational goals of your family with commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm, keeping in mind that home school students have the opportunity to receive a complete and fulfilling education filled with promises for a rewarding future.

It is our job to ensure that we are in compliance with the educational regulations proposed by our local government of Alberta, and to make every attempt to meet the needs of our registered families, keeping in mind that each family is unique in its approach to home education.