Why Choose thee?

Since 1992, The Home Education Exchange (thee) has been serving families throughout Alberta who are home-educating their children. By registering your child or children with us here at thee, you’ll have access to a team of experienced educational specialists (“meet” them here) who can provide specialized consultation to you and your child/children to help you along the home-education path that you’ve chosen. By registering your child or children with thee, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

Personal and individualized support from “veteran” home schooling facilitators

You will have your own “on call” home school helper and consultant (their formal title is home education facilitator) from The Home Education Exchange whose sole job is to help you as much or as little as you request. Our facilitators are home school moms who have “been there, done that”, and so you can benefit from their years of experience. We have facilitators who specialize in traditional home school, un-schooling, and Alberta credit and diploma options. The key word here is support; we support your decisions, values, goals, and expectations. Your facilitator will never pressure you to follow a particular academic or curricular program or method.

High School and Post-Secondary Planning

Many parents who have decided to home educate their child or children wonder about continuing to home educate their child or children during the high school grades and about how the decision to do so will affect the child or children when they complete their home studies and become ready to pursue a degree from a college or university or to pursue training at a technical school. From thee’s high school coordinator and from your facilitator, you’ll receive individualized support and planning for high school and post-secondary studies that will help you prepare your child or children for their future plans and dreams. Please see our “HIGH SCHOOL” page in our website for more detailed information on this topic.

Active Support For “Traditional Home School”, “Unschooling”, and Alberta Education Credits

We at The Home Education Exchange (thee) understand that our home educating families have different goals and expectations for home educating and for their children. Home educating parents at thee at all times remain the sole authority for determining which learning resources and methods they will use with their children, and we at thee are privileged to help support each family whether they choose to follow traditional home schooling, unschooling, or academic credits from Alberta Education.

Challenge Exams

The Home Education Exchange (thee) supports those home educating learners who want to earn Alberta Education credits for what they’ve been learning but who want to choose their own learning resources and not those from Alberta Education. This support comes by providing these learners with the opportunity to write challenge exams for any core course that is part of the high school program of studies.

Early purchase of your home learning materials

You may begin to purchase your curriculum materials as soon as you register with thee; no need to wait until October which is the time frame when Alberta Education “officially” provides the funds to home schooling families.

Purchase orders from thee to pay for your purchases

You have the option to buy your home learning materials with purchase order numbers from thee you’ll have no out-of-pocket expenses! Doing so is what we mean by “direct billing”, and you’ll read more about direct billing in the, “HOW IT WORKS/Funding” page of this website.

Individualized support from reading and writing specialists

You will have ready access to not only a personally-assigned Facilitator who will help you devise a program plan for your child/children, but you will also have access to a team of reading and writing specialists who are part of thee and who can help to advise you with your questions.

Helpful workshops and seminars

You’ll have several opportunities to attend thee workshops and seminars which are designed to help and support you in your home-based learning efforts. Topics will range across grade levels, subject areas, and special interest areas.

Christian Worldview

Foundational to all that we do is our Christian faith, and our prayer and goal is to conduct all of our interactions, consulting, encouragement, and support with grace and wisdom.